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Bet-Access is an exclusive sports betting service mentioned as established in 2015 licensed and regulated by the Gambling Montenegro d.o.o. As we are broker agent service, our main aim to serve you best asian and european betting accounts from first class A+ classified bookmakers. Our first aim is to bring you 7/24 dedicated master VIP support, fast & safe payment options.

Why You should use ?

Bookies that we serve give bettors more best value odds, quality and secure payment options.Those are independently rated as number one payout companies in the sector. Winners are not restricted but are welcome to keep betting with them. However, Due to local requlations that you have in your own country, those bookies are mostly banned. Therefore, for bettors, it is a concern to know how to play Pinnacle,Betfair,Sbobet,Matchbook in banned area?

Do you have friends or family in any country where those major bookies are available?

If the answer is yes it would be pretty possible to set up a bank account in that country, using your family or friends address and identies then bet via a paid proxy/VPN that would point to that same country. But ….., Problem is just starting. You will be under pressure with the documentation that they ask for KYC, that might be never stop. You have to be charged for your every single deposit and withdraw.And most important thing you have to wait min. 24 hours between 3-5 days for your withdraw.

So here comes betAC with full of advantage.This service is exactly what you need !

No KYC, your name never seen in anywhere else just as a client of us. betAC never stops to find ways to make everything easy for you. We are your right hand for all your betting needs. We make transaction processing easy through various payment methods, and our 24/7 Customer Service team will assist you with everything about betting.

5 minutes withdraw options !!! Yes you do not read wrong. Just for 5 minutes withdraw instead of waiting 3-5 days. We never missed nor delayed any payment to any of our clients in more than 3 years of our service. You can be assured that you will always be paid. Our gaming license is legally authorized by the E Gambling Montenegro d.o.o

Single Sports Betting Accounts

One of the oldest bookmakers around with us, They are a straight-up sports book, providing the best services in the industry for sports betting and little coverage of side-activities like poker, financial bets, or games. Pinnacle and Sbobet, without a doubt, the best sports book for the professional punter because of their fantastic odds, handicaps, limits, margins and high-end security. Both them well known for having the best odds and the lowest margins in the industry. Pinnacle offers matches with better odds and limits on Americans sports like Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Hockey. Also perfect odds for Tennis.Sbobet has the best odds and limits for Soccer.All the mainstream betting sports are included, with soccer providing the bulk of the markets. One unique menu choice is for E-Sports, virtual events and matches.

Multiple Betting Accounts

With this service you can place your bets with multiple sportsbook from one account.Bets are settled with the best odds in the sector automaticly.Designed for both pre-game and in-running use with high limits, Mollybet’s multi-account betting software gives you access to the best odds in the market from a number of the leading Asian bookies and exchanges. The system also provides you with the highest limits available at a specific time.

Betting Exchange

Are you a trader & arber and looking for a place where your job needs and expectations will be understood and duely met?

betAC provides you BETFAIR witht the all trading facilities & softwares are applicable to use. You can use Geekstoy, BetAngel or your own software.Yes you do not read wrong again once more. betAC is the only the one brokerage service still stands with original Betfair accounts. Commissions are fixed as 3.5% from winnings then 6.5% you can use directly with them. You do not need to wait 24 hours for your withdraw. Here it comes again in 5 minutes. We will be glad to provide you all other details with our customer service.Because accounts are limited ! Please Apply !

Furthermore, Due to limited quantities of Original Betfair Accounts, we have exactly same facility without any using vpn service or KYC with our white label Betfair product.

BetAC EXCHANGE has been launched. You can settle your bets via our white label Betfair product. Completely same volume same quality ! Commission is again fixed as 3.5% from winnings. ! No VPN no KYC !

MATCHBOOK; Matchbook is a peer-to-peer betting exchange designed for smart bettors who want more value. Offering deep liquidity and low commissions, Matchbook returns maximum value to bettors and promises to never limit or restrict winning accounts. Commission are internaly taken as 1.25% from winnings and loses.

On Matchbook, bettors find better odds more often across all markets including football, NFL, NBA, MLB, and most recently, Horse Racing. In 2016 Matchbook became an Authorised Betting Partner in support of British Horse Racing.

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For over a decade, NETELLER has provided businesses and individuals with a fast, simple and secure way to move money online. As one of the world’s largest independent money transfer businesses, we process billions of dollars’ worth of transactions each year. We strongly recommend Neteller as the best payment option with Net+ card.


It is the most convenient and secured global payment service available on the internet. Choosing Skrill also guarantees top-notch level security, by employing the highest encryption standards.


It is an immediate solution, so you should not wait. Simply purchase your card, make your payment and receive an e-mail with your AstroPay Card details ready for use. Websites do not have access to personal or financial information of the user. You can only spend the balance of the card, so you can control your spending.

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Bank wire transfers are accepted from all over the world. Please contact our payments department to receive the relevant banking instructions in accordance with your location and currency.

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