What is betAC. Who you Are? How long have you been serving as broker agent? Do you have license ?

Bet-Access is an exclusive sports betting service mentioned as betAC.com established in 2015 licensed and regulated by the Gambling Montenegro d.o.o. As we are broker agent service, our main aim to serve you best asian and european betting accounts from first class A+ classified bookmakers. Our first aim is to bring you 7/24 dedicated master VIP support, fast & safe payment options.

Which products do you provide?

We provide to our customers ; Betfair, Pinnacle , Sbobet and Matchbook accounts.Soon there will special exchange services and multible betting tool where you can control your all products under one account.

Which payment methods we can use for deposit and withdrawal with you?

You can do your deposit and via Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, Coin Moneys as Bitcoin – Ethereum and Litecoin. Local Bank option is avaible for specific countries. For more information please ask your our support team.

Can i deposit and withdraw with another person’s Neteller, Skrill or bank account?

It is our priority to ensure the safety of our members’ investments. Because of that all bank and e-wallet accounts that you will process must be under your name. The e-wallet accounts you will give us during your membership process will be added to our datebase and will be checked before each deposit and withdraw transaction.

What is the minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal? How long does it take to process?

For our non-Betfair products, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is € 150€ .Deposits are done in 5 minutes Withdrawals are done in max. 30 minutes. (For more information, please take a look at our commission table)

What are the terms and conditions of use when opening a Betfair account?

Minimum first deposit is 3000 € and 250 € for setup fee. Account internal commission is settled to 2.5% fixed. At the end of the month , as per your account reports, you will be charged additional 1% so totally your account commission is 3.5%.
Montly min 1% additional comm fee is fixed as 100€.
So as an example,

1-) If your total amount of winning bets on Betfair is 20k montly. First you paid automaticly 500€ to Betfair after your bets have been settled, and 200€ to betAC at the end of the month after you will be informed with your reports.

2-) If your total amount of winning bets on Betfair is 5k montly. First you paid automaticly 125€ to Betfair after your bets have been settled, and 100€ to betAC at the end of the month as it is min amount, after you will be informed with your reports

Is there a monthly commission payment for your non-Betfair products?

No, you don’t need to pay a monthly commission for our non-Betfair products.

Do you receive commissions on Pinnacle Sbobet and Matchbook deposit and withdrawes transactions?

No commission is charged for deposit and withdrawal transactions for Pinnacle and Sbobet accounts. For Matchbook transactions, we receive 1% commission on deposits and withdrawals.

Are you providing a tool for your members to process?

Our tool, which will start to serve with Mollybet software, is currently in testing phase and will soon be in service.

If I work with more than one account with you , can I transfer money between these accounts.

Yes, you can transfer funds between your accounts and this accounts don’t have to be same product. For example you can transfer money from your Betfair account to your Pinnacle account.

Is there any commission for money transfers between my accounts?

No commission is charged for transfers between Pinnacle and Sobbets accounts. You can browse our table of commissions for the amount of commission will be paid for the transactions to be made with Matchbook and Betfair accounts.

Can we transfer money between our accounts with another user who is also working with you?

Yes, you can send money to your friends from any kind of account.For the fees please check the commission table.